Thursday, January 21, 2016

Friday Faces From the Past - Home from SLIG & the fun begins

I have returned home from SLIG/Salt Lake City. What a great time. A solid week just studying one topic "US Records" one instructor Paula Stuart-Warren CGsm, FMGS, FUGA and two back up's Josh TaylorMA, MLS, and Debra S Mieszala CGsm.  WOW! so much experience to draw from in the room. Excellent time for learning....... and growing!

But now I am home and I have so many dates, numbers, names and other information whirling around in my brain, so many notes, documents, files on my flash drive. So much to do, but when, where and how..............?

My main goal for this research trip (besides attending  SLIG) was to trace the Dietz/Deitz family of Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania (my 2nd Great Grandparents on my fathers fathers side)........ hoping to find Immigration papers. I did find a number of records that will need to be studied closer. But no Immigration papers for George and Caroline.

I was able to consult with Debbie S Mieszala after class at the LIBRARY.  My main question for this consultation was to look for Immigration Records/passenger lists for George and Caroline's Dietz/Deitz   We went over all the information I had already and made a plan.

We went back to basics and looked over what I already had. We checked the 1870, 1880 and 1900, 1910, 1920.

1870 Allegheny City/Cty Pennsylvania - shows that George is 32 & from Bavaria and Caroline is 27 from Hesse-Darmstadt, both their parents are foreign born

1880 Allegheny City/Cty Pennsylvania - George is 42/Bavaria & Caroline, 38/ Hessie-Darmstadt

1900 Allegheny City/Cty Pennsylvania - George is 62/Germany married /34y Immigration/1865 35 yrs in USA, & Carrie 56/Germany married/34y Immigration/1865 35 yrs in USA (George passed in 1907)

1910 Pittsburgh/Allegheny Cty Pennsylvania Caroline wid/66 Immigration/1861

1920 Pittsburgh/Allegheny Cty Pennsylvania Caroline wid/76  no other information
Caroline died in 1928........  I found the index to the Wills & Probates for Caroline but did not find the actual records (something still to look for)

In the 1900 US Census shows they both immigrated in 1865 but the 1910 US Census show immigration for Caroline was 1861 - a 4 year difference. 1900 US Census also tells me that they were married for 34 years. but they have been in the USA for 35 years. So that might mean they were not married when they arrived.  I did find a Baltimore passenger list with an 18 year old Caroline NOLL (her maiden name) from Hesse Darmstadt listed, but I don't see a date. NO George Dietz/Deitz listed on that -passenger list. But I am going to go back and look again. Now I am really confused, did they come over together but separately and were not married yet. Did they meet in Baltimore, marry and have their first child....... a daughter Elizabeth which is my great grandmother. Most records show Elizabeth is born in Maryland but the birth is too early for the records keeping in Maryland. The 1870 US Census shows Elizabeth was born in Pennsylvania. Gosh I am not sure about anything anymore. How about church records? What church? Never got to church records for births AND marriages in Allegheny or Baltimore..........  never thought of them being married in the USA, I have just assumed they married somewhere in Germany, probably in Hesse-Darmstadt where Caroline was from. Or was she pregnant when she got to the USA and then married. I don't know. Any of these story lines could be right. I did find a George Dietz in Naturalization Records for 1866. could be, but just can't tell if that is the right one............  the numbers are not adding up...

So now I am left with more questions than answers.

Check list of things to do at the library next time around.........
.......passenger lists into Baltimore for Caroline for year and for George too
.......wills & probate for Caroline
.......found George's will & probate but he left everything to Caroline and no mention of anyone else or anything else
......check for marriage (George & Caroline) and births (Elizabeth) in church records in Baltimore

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