Sunday, February 9, 2014

Motivation Monday- RootsTech 2014 - Salt Lake City


Another long day at THE Library. I thought about what I would look for in the Basement Level for English Research and I am just not ready to go there yet. Soon, but not yet. I have been looking through books and microfilm. Found two more digitized books that will come home with me that are now being stored on this tiny little flash drive. So now I have books on the BRISTOL family (2), ATWATER family (2), and TROWBRIDGE family. I did a lot of research yesterday and today in a book for New Haven Connecticut Vital Records starting in the early 1600's through the 1800/1900's. Exciting. New information, some confirming  information, and growing a couple more generations.

Boy I am exhausted from the past few days.

I did pick up my registration packet. Now I need to go through it and get it organized. Registration was so quick and easy and so it should be at a technology conference. There were lots of computers set up, you just put in your name, it shows what the name tag should say, you approve it and it prints out. You are identified and you receive the remainder of your items you paid for. AND you are off and running. I went back to the library for a couple more hours.

 ............ and we are off and running . Opening day with Opening Keynote Speakers with
                   "Bridging Family History with Technology"

THURSDAY: I decided to watch the opening general session from my room in streaming live, I avoided the crowds and could hear everything while eating breakfast and relaxing. It was a good experience.
I was certainly busy all day with sessions all day-unfortunately it didn't leave anytime for the Exhibit Hall. Another day.
Creating a Digital Genealogy Scrapbook- what a great concept all done in Adobe Photo Elements 11. What a great idea. I have thought about doing something like this for several years but didn't really know how to get started. Well, now I do. Why you say? I have over a dozen paper scrapbooks which only cover a portion of my life (without and with child & hubby) I probably would be doing a couple more dozen to catch up in time. Who has room to house these, who does want them? The only one to enjoy them is whoever comes over to my house. Why not start to do this process digitally and share them with all your family.
A Mobile Genealogist: Using Evernote for Genealogy Research- I am determined  to understand this program and APP. It is not as easy as they say it is, but I am getting it now. I want to use this for a lot of different reasons. I downloaded the handouts I needed from this conference and opened them in Evernote so I had them at my fingertips while I attended each session and without carrying around alot of paper. Of course you can open another window and take notes. There is alot more to it and I am learning a little bit more each day.
FamilySearch's Mobile Family Tree- I wanted to be up-to-date.  So before this session began I went to the APP store on my iphone/ipad to download the apps. I thought I would be a little better off by having already downloaded them. BUT I couldn't find anything. Well, I found that these two apps are in beta testing and will be available in a couple of months through the fall of this year......... both android and mac. So keep your eyes and ears open for Memories App and Family Tree Viewer App.  
FRIDAY: Again I began my day in front of my computer in my hotel room. I relaxed, ate my breakfast and enjoyed the Keynote Speakers for Friday morning opening:
Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist - this is a blog you should be following
Jude says it only takes 3 generations to loose a piece of your families oral history. Tell your stories, write them down. Your great grandchildren will miss out if you don't.
Dr Dennis Wells - leading population geneticist  - a scientist, author, and documentary filmmaker- now a National Geographic- Explorer-in-Residence. He spearheads the Geographic Project. 
I signed up for one LAB : Using Evernote as Your Primary tool for Capturing Notes and Ideas with Drew Smith - it was an actual hands on session each of us in front of a computer with Evernote. It makes all the difference.
5 Ways to do Genealogy in Your Sleep - duh!!! these are such simple suggestions and probably will be very effective too. Can't wait to put them into effect and see what happens. It certainly can't hurt.
The Paperless Genealogist: Organizing Your Genealogy with Digital Files- this is eye opening. Most of it would be done through scanning of materials, documents photo's etc. but knowing which scanner does what job and buy accordingly. OK OK we have all talked about Paperless Offices or just going paperless.........  how about small steps - less paper instead of instant paperless. I can do that.
I Couldn't Put it Down! Series: Flipboard your Family History- sorry but this is still a mystery to me. It starts with blogging (and I can do that) but then I was lost and not sure what was what. This seems to have a learning curve that I will need to slowly develop. The end results that the presenter showed was awesome.
Friday Night at the Library- this was a ticketed event ... it just helps the library know how many will be attending that night for staffing purposes, and so they will be able to order enough pizza. Pizza was being served on the main floor out in the tent, on the second and third floor (possibly in the basement levels). It was so crowded, hundreds of researcher on every floor. You get your chair at the table, or microfilm reader or seat at a computer and dig in and do your research, otherwise you will not have a place at all.
 SATURDAY: AND again I started my day in front of my computer still warm (after all it is in the lower 30's outside), relaxing, eating breakfast, watching the live streaming of the Saturday Keynote Speakers They were excellent- like a roller coaster of emotions. Speakers were Stepanie  Nielsen and Todd Hansen.
Can I Do My Genealogy on My Tablet? - this was a good review of alot of different genealogy apps to do your genealogy on your tablet or ipad. AND yes, it is possible. Another step to going paperless or at least less paper.  
Using Pinterest for Family History- excellent and was glad that Kevin took baby steps to explain this and why and how it can benefit family researchers. I like it and finally am understanding it. I can see where it would benefit Societies too. Think about it. A great recruitment tool, getting your name out there, getting your programs, conferences and activities out there.
Finding Stories On Google Books- excellent. The speaker, Jimmy Zimmerman, took you through the process and the benefits to us as family researchers. It is a great tool for us.
Guess what THE Library was opened till 9pm on Saturday. Fortunately alot of people have already gone home so it is less crowded and a little more relaxing.
Mark your calendar for Feb 12-15, 2015 RootsTech and FGS Conference. Yes they are partnering and this should be an excellent conference.
Just thought these were great street decorations and I wanted to share them with you. I am sure that there are meanings behind each one but I don't know that YET 


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

RootsTech 2014 - Findings at THE Library


It snowed. It actually snowed last night and  there were flurries most of the day. COLD and CRISP thank goodness very little wind but I do mention COLD- 23degrees. So glad we are so close to the library and the conference center. It looks like it will be snowing all week according the weather reports.
Researching at THE Library is a challenge- staying focused. I have my list and I try to stay on task but then I see another familiar name and think I should look into this and off I go on another line, which was not planned. So far I have done a lot better.
It is amazing how much has been and is being digitized. So far I found two digitized books that I have been able to download and put it into my library. So I am looking forward to looking for more. AND the thing is I could have downloaded them from home - so keep checking the catalog - new things are popping up all the time. Spent quite a bit of the day with one book - VITAL RECORDS OF NEW HAVEN CONNECTICUT. It is over 500pages , hand written and no index and of course it has not been digitized yet. So I have read through 235 pages so far. I may or maynot have time to finish it this time around. Following the BRISTOL/BRISTOLL/BRISTOW and TROWBRIDGE/ TROBRIDGE/ TROBRIGE families.  Found some great pictures of New Haven Connecticut in the 1700 and 1800's. 
I have to say that I am exhausted and ready for the hotel room and bed. Reviewing the day-  we took our time this morning, had a good breakfast. Got over to the library about 10am, took a couple of short breaks and then left the building for dinner around 5:30pm returning an hour later and leaving when the library closed at 9pm.
Need to get a little more organized .........  I think I will be visiting the basement floors and traveling across the pond.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Madness - On The Road to Salt Lake City

WOW!! Time is short and so much to do yet. Leaving in the early AM for Salt Lake City and several days of personal family research before RootsTech2014 begins.

I seem to be down to the wire again. I am gathering but not really focusing. My suitcase lies open on the bed ready to be filled, my computer bag with laptop and accessories is almost complete. But!! I still need to update my "Families App" on my Iphone and Ipad. Still nee to install a graphics program that I purchased today "Photo Explosion v5" My new laptop doesn't have anything on it to bring photos in and crop or make changes before using them. So I still need to do that. I am taking drinks and some food with me. It will help save a little money and time.  I have been gathering my knitting. Yes, It is a relaxing thing and I will have some time available- in the car as we drive and in the evenings to relax. It is a personal challenge. We knitters/fiberholics have an event (through Ravelry) starting during the Opening Ceremonies and the project needs to be complete the night of the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. I have uploaded a couple of books to my iPod, after all it is a long drive to Salt Lake City, Utah from Citrus Heights California. .........  yea!! finally some things checked off my list
. at
OK, Everything got packed before bedtime. Up at 6am and ready to go by 7am. And off we go, Staying awake, reading, snacking, talking about the library and the conference What a clear, cold crisp day, No snow YET!!

But here is a beautiful site approaching the mountains of Salt Lake City. See the reflection of the mountains in the water. Lots of snow in these mountains. So Beautiful!!
Almost 12 hours later we have arrived in Salt Lake City at the Salt Plaza Hotel. We have shopped at Harmon's Grocery, filled our refrigerator with lots of goodies, watched Downton Abbey and Sherlock Holmes (weirder than normal),  brewed a hot cup of tea, and now I am getting my paperwork together for some serious family research in the next 3 days.

Bedtime and dreams of breaking down some brickwalls and add more generations to my family tree,