Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday's Tip - FGS/ RootsTech 2015 Conferences

Two Conferences 
One Location

Salt Lake City 
February 11-14, 2015
Federation of Genealogical Societies Conference 
RootsTech 2015 Conference

The one thing I do remember about my first FGS Conference is that they devoted an entire day to Societies.  Appropriately called Society Day. Classes that had meaning, that was actually helpful to Societies and their membership. Several of the sessions have a short presentation, giving a background for discussion and then it is an open forum - attendees are able to ask questions and other attendees answer. It was wonderful. It was great knowing that a small society in Wyoming has the same problems as a huge society in New York and California and Texas. Attendees exchange contact information and keep in touch, sharing information. Networking at its best.

I feel like I have been attending conferences for a long time and I have been but not FGS Conferences. I have only attended FGS Conferences for the last couple of years. I looked at their website to see where past conferences were held and it was not where I had any research. But then I attended San Antonio Texas where I have absolutely no research - but had a ball and learned a lot from the selected classes I attended. 

 2014 FGS Conference, San Antonio Texas............. 

                                                                   Boat Ride on the famous Riverwalk

View from my room on the 23rd floor of part of the RiverWalk So much green area to walk and ride....... over to the right  is a complete shopping mall hidden behind the quiet boat rides and walks..............

Society Showcase in the Exhibit Hall

Party Time San Antonio style - food entertainment, and dancing 

2013 FGS Conference - Fort Wayne, Indiana

Delegate Reception

the OTHER LIBRARY - Allen County Public Library with a fantastic Genealogy Section/Floor

                                                                                            Society Day

Party Time in Fort Wayne...............

Sounds like we will have great entertainment in Salt Lake City 2015 TOO!!

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