Monday, November 3, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - Special Happy Birthday to Chuck Benward

November 2 

Happy Birthday Chuck 
husband & lover, father,grandfather, uncle, friend, lover of old cars, follower of NASCAR & gardener

                             This year he enjoyed growing his own mini Pumpkin Plants all from seed
I received some Pumpkin Plant cut sticks from a friend last Halloween - she bought them from Trader Joe's.........  when the little pumpkins started to shrivel up, we opened them up, took out the seeds, dried them out and saved them till early spring. He planted every seed and here we have dozens of full grown mini Pumpkin Plants (actually they are part of the eggplant family in Africa) Beware of the leaves! They have large sharp spikes on the top and underside of the leaves. Now I know why they are sold cut from the plant first and leaves stripped off. OOOUCH!!
                                                          GREAT JOB Birthday Boy!!

Born too many years ago in Vacaville, Solano Co., California ....mentally about 25 years old 
 .... he keeps getting better as time goes on
.....reminder -you are loved

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