Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - San Antonio Riverwalk Experience (Texas)

FGS Conference is over. It was an excellent conference, sometimes very intense. Time for a little down time and exploring,

A relaxing day in San Antonio before heading home........... off to the Riverwalk. I did not realize that the Riverwalk is a whole little city unto its self. Many many restaurants,dozens of major hotels (two complete separate Marriotts) grocery store, pharmacy, little shops of all types, inside and outside eating, shopping along the river for the craft fair and a whole Mall hidden so it does not disturb the restful waterways........ wow I am so impressed. So I decided to take a ride on the boat first  just to see what is here and like I said I was so surprised.

You may recognize this first picture...... a view of part of the Riverwalk area from my 23rd floor balcony hotel room (San Antonio Marriott Riverwalk)  Absolutely love the view. From my balcony I can see that all boats are full..... the whole place is crowded. I have run into other conference goers but there is a People's Festival happening for the weekend. I believe there are thousands of people attending........ traffic, cars and people,waiting lines everywhere

 And here I am in the boat waiting to goooooooooooo........  (did I tell you that it is 97 degrees out and 100% humidity? Well it is, no good news about it) I am trying to enjoy myself , forget the crowds, and the heat/humidity and be in the moment, It is harder to do than you would think. I did enjoy myself............

 There are lots of boarding points along the Riverwalk........the lines were long to just buy a ticket and then turn around and get into another line for the 30 minute boat ride.  I was shocked to find out how much the ride costs,........ for a senior (over 60yr) costs $6. I know! I know! what a value for the money. Regular cost is only $8.  ..... this landing is just across the street from my hotel and down one level....... it is fascinating that there are all types of businesses on so many different levels- water level, street level, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor etc.

 .....and this is looking back up to my hotel on the right and the other Marriott is on the left.

.....lots of craft fair vendors and people to buy

......more craft vendors under the bridges on the river level

........looking up with threatening clouds (nothing happened but it made us all wonder for a while)  This is connecting the convention buildings together as you cruise between them,  During conference time some of our meeting rooms and luncheon rooms were on the river level and we could watch the boats cruise by all day.......

.......a sign welcoming us to San Antonio Riverwalk district


............just an interesting building

.........beautiful mosaic on the top of this building, I wish it showed up better.

.......outdoor theater seats with live performances given on the other side of the river. Nothing going on right now, is the other side of the river where the plays and live performances, music happen. It is larger than it looks in this photo

.......this just represents all the beautiful lush green trees and bushes and beautiful flowers. No water shortage here.

....most of the bridges are cement, concrete or stone this one is unique with metal and you can barely see the Texas flag flying high above.

.......outdoor eatery on the river level and the street level too.

I have to say that our driver and guide, Alfredo, was a super guide. He is native to San Antonio and to Texas so he knew everything about this area, all the buildings and businesses - great history lesson and made the tour so much more enjoyable than just riding around, Thank You,

........... it is HOT in Sacramento area too but it is DRY not humid. I find that I am drinking a lot more water than usual (anyone knows me knows that I always have a bottle of water with me all the time so you can imagine keeping hydrated here. It has been a challenge.

Time to get back to the hotel. I am really HOT and tired ....  I have been doing a lot of walking and going up and down stairs. Need to  eat dinner and begin packing for my trip home tomorrow to Citrus Heights California

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