Thursday, August 28, 2014

Follow Friday - GONE TO TEXAS FGS Conference

Howdy you'all!!  (ooops! not a very good accent - sorry!)  This will be a little different post since I am at a genealogy conference. I want to show some of the things I am doing and seeing. 

 I am lucky enough to be able to attend the Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) Conference in San Antonio, Texas, I have been here since Tuesday. All I can say is that it is very HOT and VERY HUMID here. Yes Citrus Heights is HOT but dry NOT humid. AND I usually stay inside in the air conditioning......... the funny thing is,  it is so HOT & HUMID outside and very cold inside the Convention Center. Just cannot win.  
I am on the 23rd floor of the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel which overlooks the riverwalk area.......  really a great view. I've seen a number of sightseeing boats .........  looks like fun.

.........and it was HOT and HUMID (I think I said that already) but then it thundered and then it rained.  Not just a short  soft warm rain- the wind was blowing, the rain was coming down in buckets but it was warm,,,,  and again even higher HUMIDITY if that is possible. I was walking back to the hotel when this all happened so I was soaked by the time I got back to my room............  
                                                               Welcome to San Antonio

It's just me.......  all dressed up and waiting to go to conference. Today is Society Day and so I wear my Root Cellar t-shirt, plus my name badge and swingers plus Root Cellar tote bag. I like showing off Root Cellar........... 

O dark hundred ....... going to breakfast and it is still dark outside and the lights are still on....... I want to go back to bed for several more hours but I guess not this time.

Beautiful entrance door of the convention center. Don't know that you can see the picture that covers the entire door........  it is a dancing woman It really is beautiful. 

These are just lights lining most of the hallways........  what is so nice about these is that it is a piece of some type of metal (gold colored) and the design you see is in holes........  and then the light bulb inside shines through the holes. It reminds me of the porch lights we made in scouting many years ago...... fill and tin can with water and freeze it... once the water is frozen you take it out, working outside, with a paper design, a nail and hammer. The nail holes follow the paper design. Then dry it out and load in a fat short candle, light it and see the light shine through the design created by the paper design, nail and hammer. These are on walls of the convention center - looks Spanish. Great fun project. 

 Lot s of goodies again this year.............  new tote bag sponsored by Find My Past. I've decorated my name badge with lots of pins (collected from the city or state that I attended conferences) and large, medium, and small buttons from various vendors.  The tote bag is a very sturdy large bag with water bottle holder on the outside end. Lots of pockets and holders inside and outside the bag. Big thanks Find My Past,

New blogger beads for the conference. I hope you can see them....... multi-color beads with cowboy boots and cacti.......  very appropriate for the Texas conference.  There is a big blogger presense at these conferene, so we have our own blogger/ media area in the exhibit hall. Wearing the beads identifies the person as a blogger especially to other bloggers. This year My Heritage supplied the beads. Each year it is a different person or company.

Gift from FamilySearch at the their blogger meeting  ..... nice surprise. It is a charger set, which will handle lots of different devices including my iPhone and Chuck's android phone.

 Another gift at the Find My Past Breakfast...........  it is a cell phone (or other small devices) holder and charger......  how cool!!

Something different being offered at this conference. Usually there are several luncheon's being offered each day .......  unfortunately the cost of the luncheons seem to be going up which drives the total cost of conference way up. Anyway, they offered  box lunches for most of the luncheons instead of catered lunches and for a lot less..... works for me and it was fresh tasting and good. The room was completely full so think it was a success.  (the choices were ham and swiss cheese OR turkey and cheddar - both looked very good. I had the turkey & swiss and was very satisfied)

BTW - Classes are great.

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