Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Wisdom Wednesday ......... Back At Last

I am back.

Yes, I am back again.

Sorry for the empty months of no posts. I apologize for that, but I developed a health issue that stopped me dead in my tracks at the end of February, it really  tipped my world around, and turned it upside down.  I had to make a lot of daily life adjustments, but first I needed to admit I had a problem and then deal with it......... I learned how to breath properly, new medications, new eating plan, new exercise plan, new outlook on life. I want to live well past 100 so I needed to pay attention now AND  I HAVE. Medications are doing their job, food changes have worked wonders with 60 pounds gone (and hoping for another 40-50 this next year) Aqua classes weekly (and loving them even into these cold winter days), more walking thanks to my friend Jo and an app (Stepz) - it just lets you know how many steps you are walking throughout the day. Helps to know if you need more or you are doing fine. Some days ARE better than others. On top of that, my mother's health has been failing and she needs more attention and care.

I am happy to say with all the changes I have made, my health issue seems to be under control and I am able to get back into my old routine with some modifications. (but I will not take my health for granted, paying attention is the key to success) This year I canceled all trips especially if I had to fly.I really look forward to traveling again this next year and seeing all my genealogy friends and family across the country.  I am very thankful for the help of my doctors and my husband for caring enough to stick with me, lots of encouragement and support.

So I am back!!!!

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