Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mystery Monday - a BIRTH - a new Life

Today is all about me now..........  yes this is my day!! 

JUNE 30 Alliance, Stark County, Ohio USA 
                                    Sandra Lee GARDNER (Aberle-Benward)- that's me!!!

Alliance Review Newspaper:  birth announcement read:

Mr & Mrs John Patterson Gardner Jr, 2214 South Linden Ave daughter born Sunday morning

Simple and sweet and there you have it, I was introduced to the world or at least to the City of Alliance. My dad (John Patterson GARDNER Jr) just got out of the US Army and actually so did my mother (Mary Jane LITTLE). They came home to Alliance and moved in with my dad parents (John Patterson Sr & Margaret BRANFIELD GARDNER) while looking for a place of their own. My parents contracted to have a new home build but unfortunately it was not finished before my mom brought me home from the hospital. So we all continued to live with my grandparents till the house was finished. So my grandparents home at 2214 South Linden Ave was my first home. Soon after the new house was complete and we moved in to our own place....... my second home.

Soon after we moved into our new home, my dad decided to go back into the Army, and my journey as an Army brat begins with moving every 2 years- first to Germany, more Germany, & even more Germany, El Paso, Texas, and then San Francisco California. Fast forward many years later in 1969 married and going back to Germany as an adult as an Air Force wife and then back to Sacramento, California in 1972 as a very pregnant Air Force wife, 1976 another beautiful son, divorce, remarried ............. and lived happily ever after.
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday to Me
Happy Birthday 
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to Me..............

AND sooooooo many many more!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workday Wednesday - Start of the Korean War 1950

25 June 1950 -North Korea invades South Korea with 135,000 men, initiating the Korean War.
26 June 1950- Destroyers USS Mansfield and USS De Haven help evacuate 700 Americans and friendly foreign nationals from Inchon, South Korea. 
29 June 1950- 33 officers and men of Detachment X of the 507th Antiaircraft Artillery Battalion deploy from Japan to protect Suwon Airfield. They are the first U S ground troops in Korea
27 July 1953 - The United States, North Korea and China sign an armistice, which ends the war but fails to bring about a permanent peace. To date The Republic of Korea (South) and Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea (North) have not signed a peace treaty
5 August -  23 December 1953 - Operation Big Switch (POW Exchange)
           want more details of the Korean War

My dad, Captain John P GARDNER Jr, was stationed in Korea but not during the war years. I am actually thankful for that. He was stationed there in the early 1960's running the Officer's Club..... wonder what strings he had to pull to get that job?........  might as well enjoy yourself while serving. 

Korean War Memorial in Washington DC
If you ever have a chance to visit, DO, it is amazing.
 From one side you can see all the faces of the soldiers and straight on you see the names of the soldiers.

Images are from Google Images.....  History of Korean War from Wikipedia and Timeline of Korean War Events 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Matrilineal Monday- Finding those Women through DNA???

I am starting in a new arena with family research.......  using the results and matches from DNA tests to build and expand my family tree. But I am told, and told very loudly & clearly, that you must use the DNA results along with your paper trail of your research too. The two go hand in hand, not used separately. 

 So it begins........  through FamilyTreeDNA I have already had my brother, and my youngest son YDNA tested. Also, I myself had a full mtDNA sequence test. At the Southern California Jamboree this month I opened a test kit for myself for the Family Finder in FamilyTreeDNA (so waiting for those results)

I purchased a FamilyTreeDNA FamilyFinder for my mother and another kit for my second cousin on my mothers side. My moms test has been done and sent back but I am hand carrying my cousin's test to her next month. (so just waiting now)

I also purchased an Autosomal DNA kit from AncestryDNA. (waiting for results). In my mind, the Autosomal test from AncestryDNA is similar to the Family Finder test at FamilyTreeDNA. Unlike FamilyTreeDNA testing which is a check swab, AncestryDNA requires a spit sample. Not as easy as you may think. 

I have also purchased a DNA test kit from 23andMe. They do not attend conferences so I went to their website and ordered the kit directly. It is another spit test. YUK! Give me a check swab anyday......  and it will 2-4 weeks for the kit to be received and confirmed that they have received it and another 2-4 weeks for the results. I appreciate the fine work that they have to do for the results but what takes so long getting it back to the lab when it only took two days to mail the kit to me. Just anxious for results and to compare them to the others from Ancestry and FamilyTreeDNA. I know compare is not the right words but to see what matches I will have and see if any are duplicated in the other tests.

Yes this is the year of DNA......  a very big learning curve too. 

I am thinking I am pretty well covered with my maternal side with the tests taken so far. (and my paternal side too)

Now just waiting........ waiting ....... waiting.........

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Those Places Thursday - Homes from the Past

Great Grandparents on my Fathers Side 

I thought it would be interesting to show off the homes of Harry B and Elizabeth (DIETZ) GARDNER's family. These addresses were taken from the Allegheny/Pittsburgh City Directories (CD)Allegheny, Pennsylvania and the Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio City Directories and the US Census Records (CR)  Allegheny, Allegheny Co., Pennsylvania and Alliance & Canton, Stark Co., Ohio

CD-  1885 & 1886  120 Washington Ace and 47 1/2  Washington Ave, Allegheny, Allegheny, PA-  neither homes is there, it is an industrial area now. Street name Washington renamed in the early 1900's to Columbus Ave.

CD- 1892 276 Franklin, Allegheny, Allegheny, PA -  the street has been renumbered and I don't know which home it would be

CD & CR-
1894 till at least 1900
934 Morrison Ave, Allegheny, Allegheny, PA

This house was very interesting and sad too. It is one of only a very few home left on this street. It looks like it would fall down on its own any time. Although it is made from solid bricks.

There is a family living there when we visited  2001.

This home is up on a mountain way way up on the top of a hill. The   picture below is the view that they have from this home...........

CD - 1904 36 W Ely St Alliance, Stark Co.,  Ohio......... AND as you can see it is no longer there, nothing is there but an empty lot.......

CD & CR - 1906-08-10-13-16-18 -  291 W Broadway, Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio (street was renumbered at some point because it was listed as 292 W Broadway)  This was a large family home that they lived in for over 12 years raising their family

CR 1920-  2850 Mahoning Rd NE Canton, Stark Co., Ohio...... Harry's mother Jane lived with them at this time. She passes away in 1926. I did not take a picture - the entire block was gone, nothing to see. Too sad.

BELOW: CR 1930- 2615 Harmont Ave NE, Canton, Stark Co., Ohio - difficult to get a clear picture of home because so many shrubs and trees in the front area............ It is a two story home with a large front porch made of brick. Harry passes away in 1936 but Elizabeth lives on with her children in Alliance and Wooster, Ohio till 1951.

I wonder if there is somewhere in Pittsburgh/Allegheny PA and Alliance & Canton Ohio that you can see pictures of the various houses taken at a certain time frame & some history of that particular area.  Only thinking this because in Sacramento we have The Center for Sacramento History - and it has all types of artifacts including the pictures, maps & history's of a lot of the homes in this area.........

Anyone out there know of such a place or places, Please let me know. Thank You  in advance.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tombstone Tuesday - Those Precious Stones

Second Great Grandmother 
her first born son and his wife 
Harry B and Elizabeth (DIETZ) GARDNER
Alliance City Cemetery
Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio

Not really sure what happened to the actual picture of Jane's stone but it is right in line with her son [and my Great Grandparents] Harry B and Elizabeth (DIETZ) GARDNER

(please excuse the post-it in place of Jane's stone)

NOTE to self: I need to find out where both of her husbands are buried, when did they die, how did they die? Why isn't one of them buried with her? 
 First husband, George GARDNER is not mentioned in her obituary and neither is her second husband John DOUGLASS. What happened to them? 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sentimental Sunday - Happy Father's Day to ALL Father's & Soon to Be Daddy's

to all Fathers 
and especially my own  
John Patterson GARDNER Jr.
taken about 1942 National Guard, Snow Camp- Wisconsin

Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio -- Roseville, Placer Co., California

I love you, think of you and miss you every day 


Father's Day Celebration 
for my Dad- John Patterson GARDNER Jr, 
my hubby Charles David BENWARD (bearded one) and
 my first born son, Michael John ABERLE (standing with black shirt)   
my Dad's 88th Birthday Celebration 
August 2005

........and now in 2014 we also celebrate Father's Day  
with my youngest son Jason Gardner ABERLE (kneeling with white shirt)

"all exceptional men, & good patient loving fathers"

.........and in a more carefree time (1948)

Miss Sandra Lee GARDNER playing in the water with her daddy John Patterson GARDNER Jr

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Thankful for City Directories

     OK Jamboree is over and back to business on my family tree........ but what a great break!

While visiting Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio in the early 2000's I was able to spend a couple of days at the Rodman Public Library. They have a really great genealogy area/section with mainly local information........  and in this case IT IS GREAT! My home town...............

They have a great collection of Alliance City Directories and I spent a couple of days going through each directory.
I never found my second great Grandparents listed at all - George and Jane (SMITH) GARDNER.
So the first to show up is my Great Grandparents Harry & Elizabeth [DIETZ] GARDNER and most of their children. I wish I had spent more time looking at the different parts of the directories for ads, business section and other information. Just so overwhelmed at this point - so much to look through and very little time. Don't know when I will ever get back again, but I am hoping.

Alliance City Directories   Stark County, OHIO
1876- 77 nothing
1899-1900 nothing
1902 - no book available
1904 - Gardner, Geo, RR firman res: 36 W Ely St ----------- Granduncle NOT 2ndGGfather
                           Harry (Elizabeth) road forman endines PennCo res: 36 W Ely ST
                           Nettie - telephone operator res: 36 W Ely St
                           John - clerks Wm E Davis & Co res: 36 W Ely St
                                William E Davis & Co .. prop (Dry Goods Store & Carpets)
                                  526 E Main St (Grandpa Gardner worked here)
1906 - Gardner, Geo (Stella) brakeman Penna Co res: 125 E Prospect St
                           Harry B (Elizabeth) wks Penna Co, res: 292 W Broadway
                           John, yard clerk, Penna Co res: 292 W Broadway
                            Miss Nettie, tel opr Penna Central, res: 292 W Broadway
1908- Gardner,  Caroline, res: 292 Broadway
                           GB (Stella) condr PFW &CRR res: 125 E Prospect
                            Harry, student, res: 292 W Broadway
                            HB (Elizabeth) road forman PFW &CRR res: 292 W Broadway
                            John, clerk Penna Co res: 292 W Broadway
                            Margaret, stenographer, All Mach Cores res: 292 W Broadway
            Hartzell   Edgar (Nettie) machinist, res: 668 S Liberty Ave
1910- Gardner,  Caroline, clerks, Woolworth Store, res: 291 W Broadway
                           Geo G (Stella) conductor, PFW & CRR res: 125 E Prospect
                           Harry, wks Am Steel Fds, res: 291 W Broadway
                            HB (Elizabeth) road foreman Penna Co resL 291 W Broadway
                            John wks office Penna Co res: 291 W Broadway
             Hartzell   Ed (Nettie) machinist ME Co res: 924 S Senica
1911- Gardners page is missing from directory
            Hartzell  Ed (Nettie) machinist ME Co res: 924 S Seneca
1913- Gardner, Mr fireman, Penna Co res: 249 S Liberty Ave
                         Harry, apprentice machinist, Reans $ W res: 291 W Broadway
                         HB (Elizabeth) Penna RR supt, res: 291 W Broadway
                         JP (Margaret) wks Penna Co. res: 283 W Broadway
1916-  Gardner HB (Elizabeth) road foreman, PA lines res: 291 W Broadway
                          Harry, die sinker, T-W Co res: 291 W Broadway
                          JP (Margaret) clerk PA yd office res: 293 W Broadway
1918- Gardner  George- US Army res: 291 W Broadway
                          HB (Elizabeth) road foreman, Penna C res: 291 W Broadway
                           HB jr (Clara) die sinder, Transue & W res: 767 S Lincoln
                          JP (Margaret) yardmaster, Penn C res: 283 W Broadway
          Hartzell   Edgar M (Nettie) machinist foreman ME Co res: 1391 S Liberty

Harry B & Elizabeth GARDNER - NOT LISTED AFTER 1918   
The 1920 & 1930 US Census show them living in Canton, Stark Co., Ohio.  I would want to check the Canton, Ohio City Directories after this point- I am hoping that some of these things are online 

OMG, at this moment AT THIS VERY MOMENT it just dawned on me that I did not know about the second marriage of Jane GARDNER to John DOUGLASS while I was at the Rodman Library so I would not have looked into the 'D' section for her. DRAT!!! Now my curiosity is peeked.

I do want to google the addresses they were all living at and see what is still there...... if anything!

After this point all the listings include their children, and grandchildren & great grandchildren. 

continued:  Alliance City Directories   Stark County, OHIO
1920- Gardner  JP (Margaret) gen yd master Penna Co res: 409 E Oxford
                         Geo (Stella) mill wright ME Co res: 641 S McKinley
                          HB (Clara) Painters Conf, res: 170 E Main St
           Hartzell  Edward (Nettie) machine foreman ME Co res 867 Rockhill
1923- Gardner Harry B Jr (Clara) foreman ME Co res: 470 W Columbia
                         John P (Margaret) gen yd master Penna RR res:867 Rockhill
           Hartzell  Ed (Nettie) wks ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1925-26 Gardner, John P (Margaret) yardmaster, Penna Co res: 2214 S Linden
              Hartzell, Edgar M (Nettie) forman ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1927-28 Gardner, John P (Margaret) yard master Penna Co res: 2214 S Linden
              Hartzell,  Edgar M (Nettie) machine foreman ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1930- Gardner, John (Margaret) yardmaster Penna res: 2214 S Linden
           Hartzell,  Edgar M (Nettie) machinist ME Co res: 2242 S Linden
1931-32 Gardner, John P (Margaret) yard master, Penna Co res: 2214 S Linden
                              John P Jr, student high school res: 2214 S Linden
              Hartzell,  EM (Nettie) machinist ME Co, res: 2242 S Linden
1938- Gardner, Mrs Elizabath res: 2242 S Linden
                          John P (Margaret) yardmaster Penna C res: 2214 S Linden
                          John P jr student res: 2214 S Linden
                          Vancil R student high school res 2214 S Linden
            Hartzell, Edgar M (Nettie) die maker res: 2242 S Linden
1939-40-Gardner, John P (Margaret E) (H) yardmstr Penna RR H: 2214 S Linden
                              John P jr res 2214 S Linden #2967
                              Vancil R (Flora E) 1- carp hlpr, Penna RR H: 847 S Freedom
1944- Gardner, John P (Margt) 1- (H) yd mstr Penn RR H: 2214 S Linden #2967
                          John P Jr (Mary) USA - H: 2214 S Linden #2967
1946- Gardner, John P (Marget E) 1 H yd mstr H; 2214 S Linden T-2967
                          John P Jr (Mary J) H drftsmn Alliance Mfg Co, H: 1411 Parkway Blvd
                          Lois A wtrs Haupts Village Restr H: 2214 S Linden
NOTE: Haupts Village Restaurant (FF Haupt) 1290 W State (Herest) #4177
            Haupts Village market (FF Haupt) 1220 W State (Herest) #6255
1948- Gardner, John P (Margt) H yd mstr Penn RR H: 2214 S Linden T: 2967
           Seidner, Lois A (Mrs Richd) ofc McCaskey Red Co H: 1335 S Arch
                         Richard (Lois A) (United Rug Clng Sev) H: 1335 S Arch
1950- Gardner, John P (Margt E) (H) yd mstr Penn RR H: 2214 S Linden #2967
          SEIDNER'S FLOWERS INC - CW Seidners, Pres & Gen'r Mgr/
                     WC Seidner, Sec/Trea Adele Miller, bkpr Morrison Theatre Bldg #7122
1961- Gardner, Larry L help Peroz res: 543 E High #TA-3-3428
                          Vancil R (Flora E) 2 (H) firemn Penn RR H: 543 E High TA-3-3428
          SEIDNER'S FLOWERS INC - WC Seidner, Pres & Gen'l Mgr
                         H: 333 E Marget #TA-3-7122
I know this goes well beyond the second great grandparents and my great grandparents life's but it is very interesting to me to see who pops up, where they are, what they are doing, who they are living with, or next door too. Who still lives in Alliance in the early 1960's knowing that none of them live there now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday - Blast from the Past - Groovy Man!!

Rad Sunday @ Jamboree


Paula and I are just having so much fun.......  
getting caught up with the Jamboree activities 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tips - JAMBOREE Days - a Wrap Up

Great classes

...........  I find that I am winding down mid afternoon and need something to pick me up. No!  not alcohol -  I was thinking apple juice and a little chocolate (or a lot), but a glass of champagne and strawberries with chocolate would be even better.

I took a class from Gena Philibert Ortega "10 Tips for Finding Newsletter Content"
 It was excellent- it was so good with such great information. A lot of it was common sense but sometimes you need to be reminded, It will help me writing the short 4-6 page monthly GeneGram newsletter but also the 18 page Knitting Guild Newsletter and for blogging content.........  I am just very excited to try out some of the ideas. I am not a very good writer so I am hoping some of her ideas will really help improve my writings!

I also had a free session with the Research Assistance......  I took my paper work for George GARDNER born in Scotland, married a Jane Smith also from Scotland and the first son Harry B born in Glasgow, Scotland....... I wanted to brainstorm with what I know (which you can see not much - everything I know about George I've already told you- sad isn't it!) Last week I found a listing in the H Rutherfored Hayes Library with a George Gardner died in Wayne County in 1875, wife Jane. But he was born 1802 and she was born in 1838......  big difference in age but everything else fits, It shows he was in the Civil War.......  but if this was him he would have been 61 during the war. There was a second George GARDNER that died in 1875 in Wayne County- no birthdate given. I believe this is an obituary, It is in the Dalton Gazette, Dalton Ohio 14 Dec 1875. I will need to contact the Wayne County Public Library and ask to have a copy sent to me, Then we will see if it is the right man. Time will tell. It was good to be able to talk to someone about the problem and get their view. Two is always better than one.
Also took Manuscript Finding Aids: Locating Migrating Family Records with Paula Stuart Warren........  I don't understand Manuscripts, I never have. A group of documents or any stuff usually not indexed, one of a kind, generally originals, in chronological order, in various formats and could be anywhere. How unsettling is this!  How would you ever find anything, nothing indexed. I don't really understand how you would ever locate anything that would be of value to me. Apparently all the large library's and Universities, city and state agencies all have manuscripts, but why isn't it indexed so they would know what they have? Paula gave a lot of examples of where to look- Newbury Library in Chicago, U. C. Berkley, NUCMUC, WorldCat,org, online catalogue. This will be a hefty learning curve.

Another excellent class was 'Need Direction? Try City Directories' with Jean Wilcox Hibben.......  very good presentation, a lot of great examples and a lot of excitement for the subject too. I was very impressed. I have used City Directories before with my GARDNER and BRANFIELD lines...... the information I found was great but a lot of fun to be able to follow them along year after year, I wish I had taken just a little more time and looked through the entire directory.... a lot of great information.

I did a little shopping in the exhibit hall.......... purchased 3 Family Finder DNA kits from FamilyTreeDNA . There was such a run on the kits that they ran out and have more coming. Don't know whether you heard but the is discontinuing with several of their businesses. They will no longer be continuing with Ydna or mt dna testing, but they will continue with the Autosomal testing. It's a business and they probably are not profitable. I did purchase an autosomal kit from AncestryDNA. I would also like to test with 23andMe, too bad they were not represented at the conference. I will see if they are represented in San Antonio TX in August at the FGS Conference otherwise I will sign up online. They say it a good thing to test in all databases, since you don't know who tested where that may match me.

It was a very good conference (as usual). I am already looking forward to 2015 Jamboree. At last count there were 1388 onsite attendees and an average of about 450 remote attendees who viewed each streamed video session, which was sponsored by 

Were you there? 


Were you one of the remote attendees? 

Do you plan on attending in 2015?
Yes I do! 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Census Sunday - GARDNER and DIETZ

......continuing with the GARDNER-SMITH union

.....according to the US Census there are 3 children for this couple and 1 child from Jane's second husband

I only have information on one son, the first son Harry B GARDNER born 1863 in Glasgow, Scotland.

So I will begin with Harry B GARDNER marrying Elizabeth DIETZ 
                         MY GREAT GRANDPARENTS
                                                     CENSUS ACCOUNTING

I first found the DIETZ family in the 1870 US Census in Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania. The parents came to the USA as a married couple from Germany around 1865. I believe this is the first USA census I will find them in. Don't believe that Germany has census. So will need to find the village/parish that parents were born in order to go back any further in the DIETZ family.   
Now the 1870 census shows Elizabeth born in Pennsylvania and later census show her born in Maryland. I have not found her birth records in either place yet. My thought that they entered into the USA in Baltimore Maryland, Elizabeth was born, and then they moved to Pennsylvania.

1870 US CENSUS PA Allegheny Co Allegheny City  8 Jun 1870  ed:  pg 70
  no street address given..... 71&72 of 314 pages
DIETZ, George  32  m w chairmaker  Bavaria........  father/mother foreign born
male citizen of US of 21 years of age and upwards
            Caroline  27  f w k'house Hesse-Darmstadt- father/mother foreign born
            Lizzie  5  f w  PA.....  father/mother foreign born ..........  att school
            George   4  m w  PA - father/mother foreign born
            Henrietta   1 f w   PA father/mother foreign born
NOTE: other documents and census show Lizzie (Elizabeth) born in Maryland

1880 US CENSUS... PA Allegheny Co Allegheny City  1 Jun 1880 ed:11 sht:1
                          65 Second St
DIETZ, John w m 72 head/mar'd Stocking Weaver - disabled Bavaria 3x
            Johanna  w f 70 wife/mar'd k-house  Bavaria 3x
DIETZ, George, w m 42  head/mar's  Chairmaker   Bavaria 3x
           Caroline w f 38  wife/mar'd k'house    Hessie/Darmstadt 3x
            Elizabeth w f 15 dau/single  domestic servant.....  MD/Bavaria/ H-Darmstadt
           George...w m 14 son/single apprec chairmke  PA/Bav/ H-Darmstadt
           Henrietta  w f 11 dau/single at home att sch.  PA/Bav/ H-Darmstadt
           Christian w m 9 son/single       att sch     PA/Bav H-Darmstadt
           Maria  w f 6  dau/single            att sch     PA Bav H-Darmstadt
           Emma   w f 4 dau/single                           PA/Bav/ H-Darmstadt
           Andrew  w m 7/12 (oct) son/single         PA/ Bav/ H-Darmstadt

.......AND the 1880 US Census was the first census I found Harry/Henry age 16 in Columbiana Co., Ohio with his mother and step father and siblings........  I should be able to find Henry/Harry and his parents in the 1870 US Census, but so far no luck............ and I sure have not found any thing useful about Middleton Twp, Columbiana Co., Ohio to help in my research.

1880 US CENSUS ... Middleton Twp, Columbiana C OH no date ed:54 pg: 512a
                no address given
Douglass, John  w m 55 yr head, married occ: Cooper......  OH PA 2x
                 Jane  w f  41 yr wife married occ: k'house ... Scotland3x
Gardner   Henry  w m 16 yr son single      Scotland3x
                John w m 8yr Sson.. single.......... NJ, Scotland2x
                Margaret  w f 6 yr Sdau single      OH2x Scotland
Douglass, Mary -  w f 1 yr dau single OH2x Scotland


NO 1890 US Census available...... in the next census the 1900 I find that Harry B & Elizabeth have married and started their family (need to locate a marriage license) ....  and they are still living in Allegheny, Allegheny, Pennsylvania........

1900 US CENSUS - Allegheny City & Co PA  1 June 1900 ed: 18 sht 2
                          934 Morrison Ave
Gardner, Harry B (h)... w m Nov/ 1863... 36 yr... mar'd 16yr Scotland 3x... 1869  31 yr in USA na occupt: RR Engineer read/write/speak: yes own/mortgage house
               Elizabeth wife w f Jul/1864.... 35 yr... mar'd/16 yr.......  6ch/6 living Maryland/ Germany 2x... read/write/speak: yes
               George A      son  w m Oct/1884... 15 yr s.....  PA/Scotland/Maryland
occupt: locomotive yes
                Henretta... dau........  w f Feb/1886... 14 yrs...s... PA Scotland/ Maryland
at school/ 10 months... read/write/speak: yes
                John P... son... w m May/1888... 12 yr...s... Ohio/Scotland/Maryland...
at school/ 10 months... read/write/speak: yes
                Margaret.... dau .... w f Jan/ 1890... 10 yr ...s .. OH/ Scotland/ Maryland ... at school/ 10 months... read/write/speak: yes
                 Caroline... dau... w f Jan/1892.... 8 yr...s....  PA/Scotland/ Maryland
at school/ 10 months
                 Harry B Jr... son.... w m Feb/1894... 6 yr...s  PA/Scotland/Maryland
at school/ 10 months
1910 US Census finds them in Alliance (Lexington Twp) Stark Co. Ohio now........ 

1910 US Census- Lexington Twp, Stark Co, OH ... 30 Apr 1910, ed: 208... sht 12b
                         291 W Broadway
Gardner, HB  (H) m w 46 m/1 27 yr mar'd... 3 children Scotland 3x.... 1869 na... English Ocupt: Engineer/Steam...wage read/write: yes own h/ mortgaged
               Elizabeth....... wife...... f w 25 (45?) m/1.. 27 yr mar'd Maryland Germany3x  English...Occupt: none... read/write: yes
               John......  son  m w 21 s OH/ Scotland/Maryland English... occupt: clerk - Railroad office ... wage... read/write: yes
                Caroline.......  dau ...... f w 18 s .  PA/Scotland/ Maryland English occupt: none....  read/write: yes
                Harry B jr........  son.. m w 16 s PA/Scotland/Maryland... english occupt: apprentice/Chemistry ... wage read/write: yes
1920 & 1930 US Census still have them in Stark County, Ohio but they have moved to Canton from Alliance OHIO

1920 US Census Canton, Stark Co OH ... 23 Jan 1920 ED#28 sht: 28a
                          504 Mahoning Blvd
Gardner, Harry B (H) own h...... Mrg .. m w 56 .. m ....1863 al read Edn: yes...write End: yes....  Scotland 3x... speak Eng: yes occupt: Asst Forman/RR - wage
               Elizabeth (wife)............  f w 55 M  ?? al..  read/write/speak Eng: yesMaryland/ Germany 2x
Douglas, Jane...... mother ....... f w 81 wd.....  1863 na 1870 read/write/speak Eng:yes .........Scotland 3x occupt: none

1930 US Census - Plain, Canton City Stark Co., OH  5-8 Apr 1930  ED #68 sht19a
                     404 Harmont Ave ?
Gardner, Harry B (H) own h..$9000... (r) m w 66 M 19yr.. att sch Sept 1 no read/write? yes...... Scotland 3x... (citizenship) 1879/na ... speak Eng? yes... occupt: none... Vet: No
                 Elizabeth (w) ..............  f w 65 M 18yr att sch Sep 1: no.. read/write? yes Maryland Germany 2x occupt: none


22 January 1936 Harry died but Elizabeth lived till 2 May 1951

NO 1940 for Harry 
There should be a 1940 & 1950 for Elizabeth.........  I have tried finding the 1940 but nothing yet. I have looked for her living with one of her children's homes. I know that Elizabeth died in 1951 at her daughter  Margaret Schultz home in Wooster OHIO but she is not there on the census in 1940. I have checked the daughters, now I am checking the sons homes.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Friday Follow - Burbank California - THE JAMBOREE BEGINS

Coming to you live from Burbank California for the 45th Annual JAMBOREE put on by
the Southern California Genealogical Society and it's many sponsors............ Welcome to the Jamboree

I traveled Southwest Airlines Wednesday afternoon - smooth carefree trip. I am staying at the Los Angeles Marriott Hotel - Burbank Airport in Burbank California.......... This is the host hotel and is where everything is happening.  Lots of other early arrivals. Laptops being brought out for blogging. Hi to old friends. Free shuttle service to & from the Burbank Bob Hope Airport. Nothing else free.... no free wifi, breakfast, microwave, parking. Yada Yada Yada!! The rooms in the hotel are very nice and comfortable just would like a few more amenities (complimentary wifi would be GRRRREAT!). Now that that is out of the way, let's go on the fun stuff - the stuff that I came down here for............ well after I checked in, unpacked and ate dinner I settled down to write a few lines from many room, getting ready to pull out the old credit card for the wifi service.......  and to my surprise there is a letter in my room letting me know that they are initiating 'a new Internet experience' and they are susupending charging for the basic connection throughout the introductory period. So I am off and running since I don't know when the introductory period began or will end. Thank You Marriott. I am very thankful. The funny thing is at the overflow hotel 'Courtyard at the Marriott' they offer free wifi all the time. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Oh and my friend Marilyn Ulbricht is attending the Jamboree also - so I am looking forward to talking to her about the classes, speakers, exhibit hall and more. I was hoping that more Root Cellar Sacramento Genealogical Society members would be attending but they aren't. I believe another friend KimVon Aspern-Parker will be attending.....  I am sure I will run into her sooner or later. 

The PINK SHEETS were up online for download - they are the Jamboree Bible. I made a point of reading everything and trying to remember most of it. I will be a room monitor througout the weekend and want to be able to help people with questions.

Thursday was a full day of DNA sessions. With a good opening keynote speaker, Dr Maurice Gleeson who I met Wednesday in the lobby area. I attended the luncheon for the DNA Day, Very Good. And a good time to try and digest all this information on DNA and get ready for the rest of the day of DNA. AND the bible sheets for this day are BLUE sheets. Necessary to have to know what is going on for the day with maps.

Dr Gleeson's presentation was HOW DNA WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF IRISH GENEALOGY.....


BEYOND X AND Y: THE PROMISE AND PITFALLS OF AUTOSOMAL DNA TESTING with Judy Russell (she is an excellent speaker- if you get a chance to take a session with her take it)

LUNCHEON: PANEL - PEERING INTO THE FUTURE OF GENETIC GENEALOGY with Blaine Bettinger (the Genetic Genealogist); Jake Byrnes (AncestryDNA)f Bennett Greenspan (FamilyTreeDNA); Joanna Mountain (23andMe); Diahan Southard (Genetic Genealogy Consultant).



The last session of the day was an open discussion. Participants were able to ask questions with either a representative of FamilyTreeDNA, AncestryDNA or 23andMe and ask your own questions. I was room monitor for the FamilyTree DNA Open Discussion. Most of the questions were over my head. My questions were basic but will ask tomorrow in the exhibit hall.

YES It was a very long day but for the most part very informative and a little overwhelming. Lots of new buzz words you will be hearing a lot from now on......... autosomal, family finder, chromosome mapping, triangulation, genetic genealogy, gedcom's, x chromosome test.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wishful Wednesday - THE Obituary with Little to Tell

I say 'Wishful' because there is not much information about this woman in life and not much was written at the end of her life......  I WANT MORE MORE MORE MORE...... Where is there MORE?

Obituary for my second Great Grandmother 
...from the Alliance Review, Tue. May 18, 1926
[Alliance, Stark Co., Ohio]

OBITUARY: Deaths - The Alliance Review, Tue May 18, 1926 ...............  Douglass Funeral

The funeral services for Mrs Jane Gardner Douglass, who passed away Friday morning at the home of her son Harry B Gardner, in Canton, were held from the Gardner home Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The services were in charge of Rev W.G. Forrester of that city. A number of beautiful floral designs surrounded the bier. The bearers were the following grandsons, John Gardner, [my grandfather], Harry Gardner [Jr], F.E. Slhultz [should be Schultz], and Edgar Hartzell. Interment was made at the family lot at the Alliance cemetery. Out of town relatives were present from Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, PA and other places.

COMMENTS: This seems like the second notice that you see that simply tells about the funeral itself NOT her. I did not find another one earlier but did I look? I need to go back and look through the 14th through the 18th in Alliance and in Canton Ohio. Missed that altogether! 

......neither husband were mentioned in Jane's obit.... (except for her last names) 

......and neither husband is buried with her.... she is buried with her first son Harry B and his wife Elizabeth. So where are they buried????????????? NO, I have not found an obituary or death notice for either husband. I have not found anything for either one except for the 1880 US Census and Jane was already married to John DOUGLASS. 

.......relatives from the Elizabeth's side of the family would be coming from Pittsburgh [Allegheny Co]. BUT who lived in Beaver Falls PA? Not all that far away.......  my father lived and went to college in Beaver Falls but he would have only been 9 years old so it would not been him.  My grandfather was a railroad man so he might have been transferred to Beaver Falls for a time period - he was transferred to Canton for a while. Possibility.

..... I do recognize all the grandsons [all are sons or daughters of Harry B & Elizabeth] John GARDNER was my grandfather, Harry was a grand uncle, F. E. SCHULTZ married Margaret Jane GARDNER [my Grand Aunt], and Edgar HARTZELL married Nettie GARDNER [my Grand Aunt] Wonder why grandson George GARDNER was not mentioned? AND I believe Caroline GARDNER [daughter to Harry B & Elizabeth] was still living in Wooster close to her sister or with her sister, why wasn't she mentioned? 

.......  Now I really do think that there must have been another Obituary written before the one above. 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mystery Monday - GARDNER and SMITH

    Second Great Grandparents


these are the third set of 2nd Great Grandparents I want to explore 
but this is my direct line [so to speak since I am a girl  hahaha!]
[here we go again, if it is not James or Jones now it is SMITH- Yikes!]
I do not know much about this couple. A very little more about him. He seems to be illusive. He existed but where? Who was he? When did he enter the USA? Was he married when he entered or did he marry in USA? What happened to him? When did he die? Where did he die? Where is he buried? 

Ok, this is what I do have for sure............ 

George's name appeared on his son's (Harry B Gardner) death certificate/1936
Father: George Gardner, born Scotland and
Mother: Jane Smith

George was not mentioned in his wife, Jane's obituary (1926)
  and he is not buried with her .... and neither was John Douglass, Jane's second husband

That is all I know about George.............  not much at all 
                     I will go on to Jane and see if I can't piece some more together.

Jane Smith Gardner DOUGLASS's Obituary: 

Deaths - The Alliance Review, Tue May 18, 1926 ...............  Douglass Funeral [Stark County, Ohio]
The funeral services for Mrs Jane Gardner Douglass, who passed away Friday morning at the home of her son Harry B Gardner, in Canton, were held from the Gardner home Monday afternoon at 1 o'clock. The services were in charge of Rev W G Forrester of that city. A number of beautiful floral designs surrounded the bier. The bearers were the following grandsons, John Gardner, [my grandfather], Harry Gardner, F E Slhultz [should be Schultz], and Edgar Hartzell. Interment was made at the family lot at the Alliance Cemetery. Out of town relatives were present from Pittsburgh, Beaver Falls, PA and other places.

Department of Health/ Division of Vital Statistics / registration district#1206- File # 34961
   Primary Registration district # 8482 registered # 543
Place of Death: Stark  City of Canton 
FULL NAME:  Mrs Jane M. Douglass / 2615 Harrisson Ave. N.E.  7 years in residency 61yrs in US
Female/ White race / widowed to John Douglass
DOB: Sept 29, 1838  age: 87 yrs, 7 months 15 days .........  retired
Birthplace: Scotland
Father: Daniel Smith from Scotland      -  mothers maiden name: Margaret Liske from Scotland
Informant: Harry B Gardner, Canton O
DoD: May 14, 1926 ........ doctor certifies he took care of her from May 1925 to May 14, 1926 3am passed on
Cause of Death: Cerebral Hemorrhage / contributory- arterio velviosso? (3yrs)

BURIED in Alliance City Cemetery, Alliance. Stark Co. OH sec #F - large stone with GARDNER and three small stones around it.

1. Harry B Sr 1836 - 1956  [son]
2. Elizabeth 1864-1951  [daughter-in-law]
3. Jane [Smith Gardner Douglas] 1837-1926 [Harry's mother]

First Census that I find Jane is the 1880 US Census..... she is already remarried to a John Douglass and had a child with him. I have not found any other information about John Douglass yet. Don't know when he died, where he is buried? Did he die and she went back to Alliance area OR did he leave the family? The census shows that the last child was only 1 year old, so she may only have been married to John for less than 2 years or as much as 6 years. The last Gardner child was 6 years old (b: 1874). Her first son Henry/Harry was born in Scotland along with his father George and mother Jane. One son born in New Jersey and then the next one is born in Ohio along with the Douglass child born in Ohio. This census was in the County of Columbiana not Stark County. So I am thinking that the Douglass child may have been born in Columbiana County although I have not proof yet. 

1880 US CENSUS ... Middleton Twp, Columbiana C OH no date ed:54 pg: 512a
                no address given
1. Douglass, John  w m 55 yr head, married occ: Cooper......  OH PA 2x
2.                 Jane  w f  41 yr wife married occ: k'house ... Scotland3x
3. Gardner   Henry  w m 16 yr Sson single      Scotland3x
4.                John w m 8yr Sson.. single.......... NJ, Scotland2x
5.                Margaret  w f 6 yr Sdau single      OH2x Scotland
6. Douglass, Mary -  w f 1 yr dau single   OH2x Scotland

I have not located them or either one of them in the 1900 US Census........

I have only found this one 1910 Census with only Jane NO John........  everything fits but not sure why she would be by herself. She had four children she could have lived with. But the only child I know about is the first child Harry, not sure what has happened to any of the other children.

1910 US Census Beaver Falls Bor, Beaver Co PA 2-3 May 1910, ed:15 sht: 5a  no address given  dwelling #95 (?)
1. Douglass, Jane  head f w 70 wd  6c born/1 living  Scotland3x yr/Immg 1870 occ: decrepit  rws/Eng rented/house

I found Jane in 1920 with her first son Harry living back in Stark County, Ohio..............

1920 US Census Canton, Stark Co OH ... 23 Jan 1920 ED#28 sht: 28a      504 Mahoning Blvd
1. Gardner, Harry B (H) own h Mrg -m w 56 m/ 1863 al rws/Eng Scotland 3x  occ: Asst Forman/RR-wage
2.            Elizabeth (wife)............  f w 55 M  ?? al..  rws/Eng    Maryland/ Germany2x
3. Douglas, Jane...... mother ....... f w 81 wd  1863 na 1870 rws/Eng Scotland 3x occ: none

DIED 1926 - no 1930 census

Still need confirmation of birth for both George, Jane and son Harry in Scotland perhaps Glasgow.
So the 1910 Census shows Jane immigrated to the USA in 1870, but the 1920 census shows that she immigrated in 1863 and naturalized in 1870. If they did enter the USA in 1863 then according to the information about Harry, he was born in Scotland before they left. Harry's Death Certificate shows he was born 15 Nov 1863 Glasgow Scotland - so either they left right away OR he was actually born on the ocean OR they arrive in 1864. [so Glasgow will be a good starting point for births and departures]  
......and from Jane's Death Certificate I learned who her parents are: David Smith and Margaret Liske both of Scotland. 
Need to look again for 1870, & 1900 US Census. Re-examine the 1910 US Census. 
Looks like they? were naturalized in 1870....... was that George? or Harry? 

OH MY ...........  I need to retrace my research and see if maybe there is something new out there..... new records being scanned, digitized and extracted all the time............